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Artist Statement


Paint. Ink. Wood. Copper. Silk. Cotton. Wool.  I have enjoyed the properties of each medium. These materials have guided me to unexpected ends . . .  and then beginnings.


With humor and seriousness I have altered the scale of forms to voice human concerns. Using abandoned materials and painting over earlier paintings was conscious and practical.


I have stitched layers of fiber. This has been a key part of my work.  Referencing newspaper articles I began mimicking columns of text. The images of catastrophic events and media conversations found their way into both the layered cloth and into the paint. Whether layering contemporary subject matter or drawing on images from a Greek myth, stitching has become a primary source of expression. The feel of the canvas weave in a painting or the feel of wool felt and silk are essential in my work.


In the “archives" of this website there are earlier installations celebrating thread and clothing.  The short videos document my interest in the intersection of disturbance and beauty.

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