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Monoprint Workshops


Monoprint classes are held in my North Berkeley studio in a quiet garden setting. The class size is limited to four students and allows for personal attention as well as independent work. The classes encourage experimentation and provide a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Using a Griffin etching press, participants will be shown several techniques:

  • Multi-drop printing uses vibrant oil-based inks to apply thin veils of color to a plate. The print is built layer by layer. The “ghost” print can be developed as a subdued version of the first print.

  • Dry-point etching is a way of drawing into a plate to create a fine line element in the monoprint. Dry-point can be combined with multi-drop or with chine-collé.

  • Chine-collé is a collage process. Prints can be made using a combination of Asian papers or hand-made papers and drawings. In the printing process, the inks mingle with the papers in a way that would be difficult to achieve in traditional collage.

  • Linoleum block printing is a relief process where the surface is carved and linoleum is removed to create a strong crisp line. Carving tools and relief inks are used in this subtractive process.

Participants in the class can develop abstract forms, representational imagery, or experiment with color interactions and a variety of techniques. The classes are open to complete beginners and seasoned printers alike.

Ongoing classes 
2018 - 2019


9:30 – 4:30 pm


4-week sessions - $295

 materials fee - $20

For further information or to enroll:
510 526-6580

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